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highlevel project principle

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highlevel project principle

Posted by Kevin Ball at January 22. 2013



I am planning a modern analysis of the collapse of cooling towers at Ferrybridge, UK 1965.


The towers were thin shells of hyperbolic revolution, subject to gravity load and wind loading.


I would like to model the tower under the dead load and wind loading. I have wind tunnel data collected at the time of the collapse, however, would potentially model the wind flow around the site structures also.


Am I correct in thinking the work flow for this analysis would be similar to below:


Model geometry

      towers + surrounding buildings

Mesh geometry

      towers + surrounding buildings

simulate wind flow (code_saturne?)

export wind loading parameters to salome/code_aster

perform analysis

interpret results


Is this is something along the lines of what is required? Many thanks for any advise, as said I am only looking at the viability of the analysis at a high level at present... the intention would be to write a paper comparing the results of this case with the membrane theory investigation carried out at the time...


Many thanks,





Re: highlevel project principle

Posted by jeanpierreaubry at January 24. 2013



your workflow seems ok to me

however there can a lot of different things in this simple sentence

'perform analysis'

with Code_Aster you have a handful of choices regarding this step

as with other FE codes

however the learning curves> of Code_Aster is rather steep and i suggest getting some practice with simple examples

i would be interested in the paper you are quoting


jean pierre aubry

Re: highlevel project principle

Posted by Kevin Ball at January 24. 2013

Many Thanks for the reply...


I intend working through the code_aster tutorials to a get a feel for the analysis and work up to getting the gravity loading on the towers sorted, at this pointy start thinking about the wind loading.


Am I correct in thinking the goal would be:

Geometry ---> mesh (.med) ---> code_saturn ---> .med output (pressure) ---> code_aster ---> .med output (stress) ---> salome post processing


Thanks for the help and help...


I will post the paper when I am finished in your interested...



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