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Modifying Geometry in GEOMmodule

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Modifying Geometry in GEOMmodule

Posted by Amy Kondro at April 08. 2013
I have been testing out the modeling program in Samole and had a couple questions regarding modifications to the geometry. 
Is there a way to undo any changes made in Samole to the geometry once they are applied. Also is there any way to edit the geometry (say the length of an edge) without having to go into the code? Or even some type of add-in that could be used?
I am looking at using Salome as an interface to run an external solver and want to find a relatively easy to use graphic user interface CAD program for a variety of skill levels of users. Most are fairly simple 3D geometries that Samole seems capable of making, but having some way of editing the geometry easily would be very helpful for when users make mistakes and modifications.

Re: Modifying Geometry in GEOMmodule

Posted by William Tougeron at April 09. 2013


I think Salome developers would answer you more precisely, but there is no way to edit an existing geometry in Salome.

You can only make some transformations on it, like translation, rotation, or mirror, by unchecking the Create a copy option in the dialogue box. Doing this, the sub-objects are updates (objects which were extracted thanks to New Entity > Explode, or groups - created thanks to New Entity > Group > Create), but not the child objects (results of a cut, fusion, partition, etc. using the modified object or one of its sub-objects).

Groups can also be modified once created. But else, it is impossible to modify something without creating a new geometrical object in the geometry module of Salome.

Best regards,


Re: Modifying Geometry in GEOMmodule

Posted by Saint Michael at April 09. 2013

Hello Amy

Note that it is possible to use the NoteBook, where one can enter named variables and then use these variables at geometry creation instead of numeric values. This allow re-generating the geometry with new values of parameters defined with use of variables.


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