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Custom Plugin Question

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Custom Plugin Question

Posted by Jaume P at August 28. 2012

Dear Forum readers,

I would like to create some plugins to attach them to Salome GUI, I have read some post related with this matter and also spent a few hours going trhough the tutorials, unfortunately, I havenĀ“t been able to succed yet.

This is one of the tutorials that I followed word by word:

I defined two system variables that point to the folder were the plugins are stored (SALOME_PLUGIN_PATH  and another one)

My problem is that I can not achive to add new options to the menu bar that are already writen in the salome gui. May be is a problem with the version, the version in the example is 6.4 and I am running 6.5.


I have attached some Py files that I have been using in my attempts to create new menu options or new windows.

In these files i would like to draw special attention to that tries to generate a new window, but it does nothing at the end; and also to and which in fact generate new windows, but they are useless and Salome hangs when this scripts are runned.

Best Regards. any help is much appreciated.

Jaume P.



Re: Custom Plugin Question

Posted by Jaume P at August 28. 2012

Sorry, I forgot to say that I am working in Win Vista 32bit and I use Salome 6.5.0 version, (I took the smallest package in the download page, the one that is already made)

Re: Custom Plugin Question

Posted by Chrys Lides at September 04. 2012



You have to define your plugin in


You can create a new file located in your ~/.config/salome/Plugins directory.


Try to add these lines to register your function:


import minmax_plugin

salome_pluginsmanager.AddFunction('Min/max mesh controls',

                                  'Displays the min/max value of a control',



You can have a look at the bride plugin in Salome-Meca. You can download the sources here (instead of downloading the full Salome-Meca package):



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