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Mesh error from .stp

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Mesh error from .stp

Posted by Leonardo Marcarini Borges at July 26. 2012


I am new to SALOME and I have been trying to do a linear analysis of the solid in the link below, but I can`t mesh this geometry and I don`t know why. Whenever I try to mesh I get this error: "GCPnts_UniformAbcissa failed"

The solid in question is a .stp import from a CAD model. I have tried to mesh it with many algorithms available, but the better results were given with the following algorithms (even though all of then gave me errors):

1D Wire discretization

2D Triangle (Mefisto)

3D Tetrahedron (Netgen)

I am using SALOME 6.3.0. 1D hypotheses was local length = 0.02, but I did try some others hypothesis.

Although I have been able to work around it by remaking the some parts of geometry  (but not altering any dimension),  I am most interested in what was causing the errors so in my future models I do not replicate them.

I had some others problems in the model before I could do some proper analysis (involving have to explode and fuse it in the salome), but that is for later . Thanks in advance.






Re: Mesh error from .stp

Posted by Saint Michael at July 26. 2012


"GCPnts_UniformAbcissa failed" appears when discretization of edges fails on edges with one vertex (instead of two), SALOME shows their length = 0.

To see these edges, select lines with "GCPnts_UniformAbcissa failed" in a dialog, click "Publish sub-shape", they appear in the Object Browser. As their length is close to zero, you can't see them in the viewer but you can explode them into vertices and see vertices.

St. Michael

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