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Multiple bodies

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Multiple bodies

Posted by Brian Tremaine at September 24. 2012

I 'm following a twiki page to create a multiple body mesh that can can then use in Elmer. The process is basically

1. define geometry

2. create partition

3. create volume groups

4. create mesh

5. create mesh groups

6. export to UNV

7. convert UNV --> ElmerGrid

I have gone through these steps several different time with a 5 body assembly and each time when I load it into Elmer and select a surface it selects the entire assembly. The model in Elmer does have 5 bodies but the entire outside surface is surface 1.

Within Salome (mesh) I can display the entire mesh with the 5 bodies color codeded as I expected to see

Can someone give me some guidance on this or provide another example of creating a multi-body mesh?




Re: Multiple bodies

Posted by Brian Tremaine at September 26. 2012

I solved my problem. 

This process does work. One of the 5 bodies in my assembly did not have it's mating surface lined up with the adjoining body so the resulting combined mesh was not correct.



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