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mesh refining methodes 2D

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mesh refining methodes 2D

Posted by Stefan Kunz at September 19. 2012

Hi all,
my study is an interference fit assemly. Thus I have a shaft and a surrounding boss. See attached study (only for the shaft).
In between is my contact region. I refined my mesh by adding a point sequence in the contact region for both shaft and boss.
I did this in the geometry modul by defining a point in the contact zone and multi-rotated it around the center.
Afterwards I partitioned both shaft and boss with this multi rotated point sequence.
After meshing, both contact zones are as fine meshed  as pretended with the point sequence.
So fare so good.
Viewing the shaft e.g. my point is: Starting at the contact zone and moving towards the center, there is a small passage where the fine mesh abruptly change over to an coarse one. Because of that, the mesh shows within this passage aspect ration problems. (see attachment)
Is there a method to determine how smooth the mesh have to refine in the addressed passage.
I am working with scripts, as it should  run for parameterized dimensions.
As far as I understand the GUI - modification tools, these are only for modifying handy the present study. Is that write?
What refinement-methods are there for python scripting.
I'd like to avoid submeshes, as I made bad experience. Seems like code aster have sometimes problems with refined with this method.

Kind regards,



Re: mesh refining methodes 2D

Posted by Saint Michael at September 20. 2012

Hi Stefan

There is no a tool for refining, you only can attune meshing parameters. In your study you finally switched off an optimization step: NETGEN_2D_Parameters.SetOptimize( 0 ). I switched it on and got aspect ratio = 1.93 instead of your 18. After setting Fineness = Very fine, I get aspect ratio = 1.68.

I hope it is acceptable.


Re: mesh refining methodes 2D

Posted by Stefan Kunz at September 20. 2012

Hi Michael, many thanks for your reply.

Ok, with the 'optimize'-function and maximum 'fineness'  the mesh's  getting way better.

Nevertheless such a tool or command would be nice. Especially regarding to more complex shapes.



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