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Problems meshing multiple bodys

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Problems meshing multiple bodys

Posted by J. Encke at March 09. 2013


I've just started using Salome which I want to use to create and mesh a simple 3D geometry for electrostatic analysis (will use Elmer for that). The geometry consists of two boxes with pillars reaching from one into the other.

I've created the two geometries, created a partition out of those and created a group for each of the geometries inside the partition. then I meshed the partition using the Netgen 1D-2D-3D algorithm and created volume groups for each of the groups in the partition.

So I basically followed this tutorial:

but when exporting the mesh it only consist of one body. This is not only in Elmer but also if I open the Mesh in Gmsh or Netgen. So its not a Elmer specific problem. This is what The mesh and geometry tree in Salome looks like:

What am I doing wrong?


Re: Problems meshing multiple bodys

Posted by William Tougeron at March 10. 2013


Can you display the volume groups in the Mesh module ?...

Re: Problems meshing multiple bodys

Posted by Saint Michael at March 11. 2013

Hi J. Encke

I would be useful I you provided your study or a Python dump of it.


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