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Timeseries & med reader

Posted by Gilles Vogt at April 16. 2013


I am currently stuck for several days trying to read a time-series in MED format in paravis.

My time-series is from Code_Carmel3D, and is presented as several files in med format :

Each file corresponds to one time step. In paravis/paraview, I should choose the item that gathers the 3 files, and the time series should be automatically detected. However, when I do so, only the first file is loaded. It should be noted that the time value is correctly loaded, but only for this first file; others are ignored (if I choose any other file, the read time value is correct too).

I see several workarounds to solve this issue, but I cannot do any of them :

- modify the med reader

- concatenate temporally in paravis the different files (loading them separately as different items on the pipeline)

- create a xmf (xdmf) file that do the job

Can someone help me, with one of this proposals, or in any other way ?

Best regards,

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