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Problem with glue faces

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Problem with glue faces

Posted by SCHMITT F at January 29. 2013


New user of Salome, I have a problem with the glue faces command on some faces for whom I get the following message  "SIGSEGV segmentation violation Adress. 0".









Re: Problem with glue faces

Posted by William Tougeron at January 30. 2013


There are many possible reasons to have such error!

First thing to try: increase the limit tolerance of your compound with Repair -> Limit tolerance.

If it doesn't work, you should check if there are no errors in your compound, using the Measures -> Check Shape and the What is tools (and others). Be sure you don't have several times the same element in your compound, or that there is no bad element, etc.

If the compound seems ok, you should try to rebuild it in a different way. There are several ways to build the same geometry in Salome, and sometimes one works better than another.

If you problem persists, you can maybe share a dump of your study here. (File -> Dump Study)

Best regards,


Re: Problem with glue faces

Posted by SCHMITT F at January 31. 2013

Thank you, William, for your answers

My goal, is to build a geometry, then a mesh (MED file), in oder to solve dynamic and thermal patterns with Code Saturn.

Since last post, I solved partially the problem with the gluing tool (building the geometry in a different way). I finally succeed in meshing my geometry. But It failed in code saturne ... "problem with faces and boundary conditions". => The meshing seems to be bad.

Since the geometry has been build with a compound, I tried to fix the problem constructing one solid. 

So Today, my challenge is to succeed in using the "fuse command" , with which I have problems too. 

I fused several solids together (one by one ==> union1 = solid 1 + solid 2 ; union 2 = union1 + solid3 , and so on ...). At the end it doesn't work for two solids (n° 12 and 13 ??? - but it works for n°14 and 15 ;).

One shape is a "solid"  (n° 8), all others are "polyhedrons". All shapes have been built the same way (hexabloc).












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