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Import .dat file

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Import .dat file

Posted by David Rawlins at August 28. 2012


I created a simple 2x2x2 hex mesh and exported it to a .dat file.  When I try to import it I get the message "Unsupported file format."  I am using version 6.5.0.  Is this a known bug?




Re: Import .dat file

Posted by SMESH expert at August 29. 2012

Hello Dave

Thank you for reporting this bug. Import of .dat file is really unsupported. The bug is that import command is present in the menu.

Best regards


Re: Import .dat file

Posted by Yann Krien at December 04. 2015

I am using version 7.6.0. Import command for .dat file is not present in the menu. Is it still unsupported? If so, how to convert .dat file into another format which can be imported in SALOME?



Re: Import .dat file

Posted by SMESH expert at December 04. 2015

Hello Yann

Import of .dat file is not planned.

There is no a ready-to-use converter within SALOME. Maybe somewhere in the universe...

You can use Python API of MEDCoupling to write mesh data into a med file.

Best regards


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