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Re: Made Code_aster crash...

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Re: Made Code_aster crash...

Posted by Humberto Hassey at October 11. 2012

I know this may not be the best forum, but Code_aster is not accepting new people on their forum. so please forgive me for posting here. Still this case was done entirely with Salome-meca


I am doing a really simple composite material flex test.


Somehow it makes code_aster return an error of floating point , I am attaching the case, hope someone can point me to the right direction


here is the case:



Re: Made Code_aster crash...

Posted by pierre_j at October 11. 2012

Hi Humberto,

Regarding Code_Aster forum, it is not that they are not accepting new members anymore.

It is that they are too many bots / spam, and that there seems to be no solution to manage this at the moment, except by closing the traditional registration form...


To register to the Code_Aster forum,

you have to directly send an email, see this post:

Contact form is here:





Re: Made Code_aster crash...

Posted by Carlos Lopez at October 12. 2012

Hola Humberto,

I have tried your case without success.

Apparently should be OK but there is some problem with the mesh or with the geometry, perhaps to many changes are hiding some mistake.

Since I had the same case, I attach the case for you to compare with more time and find the reason of the failure.

I have done two meshes, exa and tetra and both work.

Put your own parameters and if you learn something please report back.



PS.: Remember to modify the path in the Linear static as it has my parameters.

As the case is big, I attach the .py


Re: Made Code_aster crash...

Posted by Humberto Hassey at October 13. 2012

Of Finally I found the problem!!!


The problem was the poisson module of one of my materials, as I assigned a value of  0.5 and that is the upper most value for the range of this variable, I jsut change it to 0.45 and it all went well.



Re: Made Code_aster crash...

Posted by FS at December 11. 2014

Hi all,

I am sorry to post in the wrong forum too. I am afraid to be the n-th person dealing with the registration issue of code-aster forum, except for the fact that I used the support contact form but had no reply to it. This was happening a week ago and I was hoping that somebody already registered on code aster reading this post would contact the admin (user: delmas) for me. 

Thanks for your help, I appreciate.





Re: Made Code_aster crash...

Posted by FS at December 17. 2014

nevermind, it is solved now

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