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Posted by Ron Burnett at February 08. 2013

This format is supposedly available for mesh file import/export but the option does not appear

as part of the option list. I've tried 6.4, 6.5 and 6.6 Windows (32bit) with no success (also have

6.3 on a Linux machine,  probably too old). Can anyone explain?



Posted by Vadim SANDLER at February 08. 2013

Hello Ron,

CGNS format is currently only supported on Linux and not available on Windows.



Posted by Patti Sheaffer at July 25. 2014

Good Morning, Everyone - quick question, how good is the CGNS format exporter for grids these days?  Im told it is sort of an industry standard these days.  My flow solver requires CGNS, and apparently this is how it gets locations for PATCHes (inlets, outlets, etc.) for tet-unstructured grids, so the CGNS exporter probably has to be accurate in its definitions of boundaries.

Thank you very much, and have a great weekend!


Posted by William Tougeron at July 26. 2014


I don't think some mesh formats are more or less "precise" than others...

In our CFD department, everybody has used CGNS for years without problem. I developed my mesh converter from Salome to our solver and there is no recognized difference between a mesh in CGNS format and a mesh from my converter. I have also sometimes imported CGNS meshes into Salome and used them as meshes generated into Salome.

I think the only one difference between mesh formats is what they can do (for example, UNV does not support pyramids). But when they do something, so they all are similarly precise.

Best regards,



Posted by Patti Sheaffer at July 26. 2014

Hi William - thanks for the reply.  I know CNGS has HDF5 which supports tags and metadata, but you're right, that isn't about "precision," which is good for all formats. 


My concern is entering into mesh format the data/metadata

the solver is expecting in a given mesh data file format. 


As an example,

I know of flow solvers that import boenth PLOT3D format and CNGS (among others).  When importing PLOT3D, they *only* get block and node data, but when importing CNGS, they get that plus the locations of loads, flow sources and sinks, etc.  I think that's part of why converting between formats isn't always straightforward.


I'm trying to get the Linux version of Salome going so I can get supp

ort of CNGS formats, which my solver needs.


Patti :)


Posted by Patti Sheaffer at July 26. 2014

Ugh - how did that post get so badly formatted??  :-/

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