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MakeFuse error when running in TUI

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MakeFuse error when running in TUI

Posted by Vigfus Josefsson at March 12. 2013

Hello all,

I have hit a problem when I run my python script. In GUI mode I have no problem running my operations and exporting my .stl faces.

Since there are a lot of faces that I need to export I wanted to automate the exporting using python. When I run the script I hit the following errors

  File "/home/vigfus/salome/appli_V6_5_0p1/bin/salome/", line 1020, in <module>
    clt,args = main()
  File "/home/vigfus/salome/appli_V6_5_0p1/bin/salome/", line 951, in main
    clt = useSalome(args, modules_list, modules_root_dir)
  File "/home/vigfus/salome/appli_V6_5_0p1/bin/salome/", line 768, in useSalome
  File "/home/vigfus/salome/appli_V6_5_0p1/bin/salome/", line 788, in execScript
  File "/home/vigfus/salome/Projects/", line 81, in <module>
    Fuse_1 = geompy.MakeFuse(inlet, Compound_1)
  File "/home/vigfus/salome/appli_V6_5_0p1/bin/salome/", line 4967, in MakeFuse
    return self.MakeBoolean(theShape1, theShape2, 3)
  File "/home/vigfus/salome/appli_V6_5_0p1/bin/salome/", line 4901, in MakeBoolean
    RaiseIfFailed("MakeBoolean", self.BoolOp)
  File "/home/vigfus/salome/appli_V6_5_0p1/bin/salome/", line 95, in RaiseIfFailed
    raise RuntimeError, Method_name + " : " + Operation.GetErrorCode()
RuntimeError: MakeBoolean : Boolean operation aborted : non valid shape result

Do you have any idea what the traceback is telling me? This confuses me since this same Fuse operation works perfectly well in GUI mode.

And a second question, do you have any recommendation on exporting these faces in the context of minimizing the actions needed? Is there some way to export them with one name?

My script is attached, thank you.


Re: MakeFuse error when running in TUI

Posted by Saint Michael at March 12. 2013


That traceback says that a Fuse operation fails. I don't know how this could happen but looking at operands of Fuse (see the attached picture) I come to an idea that Compound_1 includes some excess cylinders.

You can export all faces at once. You just need to put them all in a compound.



Re: MakeFuse error when running in TUI

Posted by Vigfus Josefsson at March 15. 2013


thank you for your answer. It seems when I dump the GUI study to python, the generated code mixes up the cylinders. The Fuse operation works perfectly in GUI mode and the cylinders are in the right order and all in contact with other surfaces.

The generated code seems to get confused with the solid names and starts referring to other cylinders than the GUI mode is referring to ("the right ones").

Vigfus J

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