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Analitic Density Problem

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Analitic Density Problem

Posted by William Tougeron at November 02. 2012

Hello everybody,

I use the version 6.5.0 and I encounter a serious problem with the "Density Function f(t)" field of the "Nb. Segment" hypothesis ( visible after enabling the "Distribution with analytic density" - I think there is a spelling error...)

Actually, I can't use it without crashing Salome...

If ever I enter in this field something else than a number, it crashes immediately.

I don't have this problem with the version 5.1.5.

I re-installed everything to check if there was not of problem during installation, but the problem persists.

Is it a known problem or does it happen only on my computer? :) I use Ubuntu 10.10 32bits.

I wanted to include this tool in a tutorial... But maybe I should forget it for the moment if this problem is inherent to the 6.5.0 version.

If someone has an idea how to fix it... It would be great :)

I enclose a study in which I meshed a single edge with analytic density with Salome 5.1.5. Then when I open it with Salome 6.5.0 and just try to delete one character in the "Density Function f(t)" field, it crashes.

Thank you very much and best regards,



Re: Analitic Density Problem

Posted by SMESH expert at November 02. 2012

Hello William

This bug is known and fixed. The fix will be available in the 6.6.0 coming soon.

You can notice that SALOME crashes as soon as an invalid expression appears in the formula edit field, so a workaround to this problem is to paste a valid expression instead of typing it.
Imagine I want to enter "t/5". If I paste it after a default formula "1" I get "1t/5" -> crash. If paste it before: "t/51" -> OK -> I remove "1". VoilĂ  :) I get what I need.

Best regards


Re: Analitic Density Problem

Posted by William Tougeron at November 02. 2012

Thank you very much, Edward ! :)

It is so obvious that I didn't do it :)

But you can also select "1" before pasting your formula and it will be directly replaced by it :).

So I can put it in my tutorial with a special warning for this version :)

Thank you very much ! :)

Have a nice day,


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