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YACS tutorial?

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YACS tutorial?

Posted by ppeetteerr at March 23. 2010

Is there a YACS tutorial? I have not been able to figure out what it does. I've read the documentation and am still not sure where to begin.

Re: YACS tutorial?

Posted by RIBES Andre at March 24. 2010


YACS is a parallel and distributed programming interpreted language for coupling computational codes.

The language permits to define a schema (a graph) composed with nodes and links between nodes. Links permit to define a workflow. The workflow is executed by the YACS engine.

YACS provides two main types of nodes: service and composed.

  • Service nodes are basically Python Script or SALOME components that can be distributed between computers (named resources in SALOME). They are the computational codes.
  • Composed nodes are the keywords of the language. They provide loops, switch, ... into your schema (like keywords if or for in C++ or Python).

To start working with YACS, you can read in YACS documentation the topic : Using YACS with the graphical user interface (GUI). At the end you will find a section YACS schema examples.

Some schema are provided into the YACS installation : YACS_ROOT_DIR/share/salome/yacssamples.

Most of them are just some tests for us. You can start with legendre7.xml.


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Re: YACS tutorial?

Posted by Product Manager at March 24. 2010

There is no tutorial for YACS available online at this time. However,   YACS usage is covered during the  SALOME  basic and advanced Training.
Do not hesitate to contact us to join one of the standard training session or to organize a dedicated on site training.

More info on :


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