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Is there limit of element group ?

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Is there limit of element group ?

Posted by Jiaxing Wang at October 31. 2012

Hi everybody 


    Recently I am trying to analyze a model which has 30,000 elements. I wrote a python to divide model in 30,000 mesh groups and defined 30,000 different material for each of them.


    Problem is that this .comm can not analyze by aster. It can be calculated but  post-pro results is not shown. 

   I have checked 3 kind of the model. For the one which has just 4 groups, there is no problem. For the one with 30,000 groups and 600,000 groups, it not work.

   By the way, for 600,000 groups, program says that it has a limit of elements as 500,000. 


  So I want to ask for help. Is there a limit of mesh groups or not ?  Have anyone has a same experience on analysis of a hundreds of thousands of elments groups.

Re: Is there limit of element group ?

Posted by Christophe Bourcier at November 06. 2012


Can you explain where does the error occur? When importing the med file in Post-pro or Paraviz? Are there any errors raised by Code_Aster in IMPR_RESU?

How do ou create the groups? In SMESH or directly Code_Aster?

You can try to remove the groups before saving the med file in Code_Aster, so that they are not stored in it:


where groups is the list of groups with one element.


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