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Exporting Mesh Face Stl with Python Script

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Exporting Mesh Face Stl with Python Script

Posted by Peter Dudley at July 19. 2018


I have a meshed surface with a lot of faces (see attached photo). I want to export every surface as a separate stl file, thus i want to automate it with python.  When i dump the study after exporting one i see the flowing:

  Mesh_1.ExportSTL( r'C:/Users/peter.dudley/Google Drive/Documents/Research/Project - Salmon/CFD/Geometry/Random5/Face_232.stl', 1, Face_232_1)
  print 'ExportPartToSTL() failed. Invalid file name?'

I have a script like this so far:

obj1 = salome.myStudy.FindObject('Mesh_1')
obj2 = obj1.GetObject()

obj2.ExportSTL( r'C:/Users/peter.dudley/Google Drive/Documents/Research/Project - Salmon/CFD/Geometry/Random5/volume.stl', 1)

obj3 = salome.myStudy.FindObject('Face_1')
obj4 = obj3.GetObject()

obj2.ExportSTL( r'C:/Users/peter.dudley/Google Drive/Documents/Research/Project - Salmon/CFD/Geometry/Random5/Face_1.stl', 1, obj4)

but it always errors saying:

 File "C:\Users\peter.dudley\Google Drive\Documents\Research\Programs\CFDPrograms\SALOME-8.2.0-WIN64\MODULES\SMESH\RELEASE\SMESH_INSTALL\bin\salome\", line 920, in ExportSTL


return _omnipy.invoke(self, "ExportSTL", _0_SMESH.SMESH_Mesh._d_ExportSTL, args)


TypeError: Operation requires 2 arguments; 3 given



I'm not sure why it won't take the three arguments or what I'm doing wrong.



Greatly appreciate any help!








Re: Exporting Mesh Face Stl with Python Script

Posted by Saint Michael at August 03. 2018
To  fix it, replace
obj2 = obj1.GetObject()
from salome.smesh import smeshBuilder
smesh = smeshBuilder.New(salome.myStudy)
obj2 = smesh.Mesh(obj1.GetObject())
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