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Re: Imported Geometry problem

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Re: Imported Geometry problem

Posted by Andrea Bartolini at October 18. 2012
I'm attempting to build a solid from an imported geometry (.iges) file, the problem is that i can't execute the "solid" command wich always gives me the error message "is not a shell".  
"whats is" tells me the file consists in 7 shells and the "check shape" shows no errors. so where i am doing wrong? i tried every repair command (with very little tolerances) on the geometry but the problem still stands. please help!

Re: Imported Geometry problem

Posted by Saint Michael at October 18. 2012

Hi Andrea

Follow the next steps:
- Explode your model into shells.
- Select the 7 shells in the Object Browser
- Invoke "Solid" command, switch off "Create a single solid", OK => you get 7 solids.


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