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SALOME 8.4 SMESH crashes under VirtualGL

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SALOME 8.4 SMESH crashes under VirtualGL

Posted by Leon Kos at March 07. 2018

On CentOS 7 a pre-compiled binary and rebuild from sources Salome 8.4 crashes when selecting SMESH module. It returns:

[VGL] ERROR: in TempContext--
[VGL]    52: Could not bind OpenGL context to window (window may have disappeared)

Strangely, it crashes only in SMESH and not in GEOM or ParaVIS modules that use VirtualGL just fine. So the problem seems to be with SMESH and newer versions of Qt because if I rebuild Salome 8.4 with Qt-5.6.1-1 from Salome 8.3 it works.

I have tried also to downgrade to Qt 5.7.1 and upgrade to 5.10.1 without luck. Also new version of VirtualGL 2.5.1 does not help here.

So, I am stuck with Qt-5.6.1-1 workaround with Salome 8.4 running on two VirtualGL clusters.

Any suggestion what the cause might be?

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