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creat a view

Posted by Stefan Kunz at November 07. 2012

Hi all,

how can I create images in salome depending on the geometry.

My model is 2D.

I working on an automated process, where my geometry different in size  for any calculation. Nevertheless I want to take images from different parts of the geometrie with displayed results. I no the location and the size. With my process below, I can define the View-Point (60 in x) and can zoom in by scaling.  But how can I create an initial view? Depending on the size? I do not now how to create the location(point of view) of the 'camera'

myViewManager = myVisu.GetViewManager()
myView = myViewManager.Create3DView()
myView.SetPointOfView([0, 0 , 10])
myView.SetViewUp([0, 1, 0])


myView.SetPresentationType(myDefShape, VISU.SHADED)

myView.SetPointOfView([60, 0 , 1])
myView.SetViewUp([0, 1, 0])

Any hints?

Thanks a lot for any reply.


Re: creat a view

Posted by Stefan Kunz at November 09. 2012

No one ?

Please do not hesitate to reply.
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