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Assigning fiber direction in SALOME

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Assigning fiber direction in SALOME

Posted by arojbhattarai at March 07. 2013

Dear all,

I am working on soft muscle in SALOME 6.6.0. I have a 3D mesh with certain irregularities. Assuming an arbitrarily isotropic material (only to check how the mesh works) for the whole mesh, I have colorful results that seems fine with the provided boundary condition.

However, I would like to separate my mesh data into different parts according to its fiber alignment and different material parameters. Can anyone help me how I can assign the fiber and its distinct directions in SALOME for the muscle problem?

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


With regards,



Re: Assigning fiber direction in SALOME

Posted by Dharmit Thakore at March 08. 2013

Hi Aroj,

There are several ways this can be implemented and I am presenting my 2 cents worth.

1. Model the geometry fibers as Anisotropic material (R4.01.02)

2. If you want to distinguish between separate fibers of muscles, model each muscle as separate mesh and do a Assembly Stress Analysis, but I should warn that this route will be muscle pulling route (pun intended), it takes lots of time and patience, but it will give you results on each strand of muscle.


My experience is limited compared to some excellent users on this forum, so please await their comments as well.



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