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The following conversations have been posted, but have not yet received any replies.

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Different nodes number sequence in ExportDAT of compound mesh using menu or commands Use
by Gregorio Inda
Friday 19:40
Re: Deleting unnecessary edges Use
by yoshida.s
Friday 12:17
Problem in exporting repaired geometry (.STEP) Use
by Rajan Shikhare
Monday 10:00
activate filters Use
by Trasca, Raluca Andreea
October 10. 2017
Salome session server crash Use
by Rajan Shikhare
October 06. 2017
Colors of objects in geometry module cause mesh problems? Use
by sheaker
September 29. 2017
stl to solid, merge triangles Use
by alberto
September 22. 2017
2 groups of faces and 2 groups of volumes in mesh and code aster finds only the ones of the faces Use
by Panagiotis Sterpis
September 19. 2017
Meshing fails for a spherical structure with little particles on the surface Use
by Zohre Gorunmez
September 12. 2017
Boolean operation of SALOME Use
by You Kiashi
September 12. 2017
File conversion using Salome plugin Use
by prasath
September 12. 2017
cgns format file exporting problem Use
by dustin kuo
September 12. 2017
Fuse operation can not be done Use
by You Kiashi
September 11. 2017
Fuse and Cut problem Use
by You Kiashi
September 07. 2017
Python Method to Get All Contents Of A Folder Use
by Terry Price
August 26. 2017
Segfault when creating submesh from more than 1 face Use
by Dan Tony
August 03. 2017
How to measure deformation in ParaVis (ParaView 4.3.1)? Use
by Anna Bab
August 01. 2017
Salome GUI doesn't respond to mouse hover Use
by Chris Coutinho
August 01. 2017
cylinder mesh Use
by Jiawei.LIU
July 13. 2017
Hexablock: Disappearing Objects Use
by Jackston
July 05. 2017
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