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The following conversations have been posted, but have not yet received any replies.

Conversation Forum Posted
impact of continous cold water injection into geothermal well Use
by NBS
Saturday 07:07
convertion mesh from salome to openfoam Use
by domenico daraio
May 18. 2015
Fuse Use
by Sarah M
April 23. 2015
Build faces in annular regions (continued) Use
by Fa-Gung Fan
April 13. 2015
Possible bug found? Use
by Raphael
April 07. 2015
does the sequence of solid objects in the fuse list matter for fuse operation? Use
by Henry Ran
March 26. 2015
crash when rotating view in geometry module Use
by Michele Cavallerin
March 25. 2015
Non manifold modelling Use
by Robert Kane
March 10. 2015
Pre-forming of composite materials: feasible with Salome? Use
by Samuele Zampini
March 04. 2015
V7.5.1: synchronous python console (how to get your messages and displays back) Use
by Christophe Bourcier
February 12. 2015
Error in Salome-Mecca Use
by Yunuhen Hernandez
December 16. 2014
Importing module crashes Salome GUI, but not terminal session. Use
by John Smith
December 15. 2014
How to display applied force (CONCEPT= _F (CHARGE = CHARGE1)) from Code Aster? Use
by John Smith
December 10. 2014
Total deformations in non-linear analysis Use
by Grzegorz_grzegorz
December 01. 2014
remove .comm file entries from the object browser Use
by jonny
November 30. 2014
How to display the results of the interrupted analysis Use
by Grzegorz_grzegorz
November 24. 2014
Geometric Design of a nuclear reactor for patent application Use
by Sello Kekana
November 24. 2014
2D mesh compounded of more faces Use
by Jindrich
October 31. 2014
Local distortions in 3D mesh? Use
by pattimichelle
October 27. 2014
Erratic pressure plot behavior in OpenFOAM salome meca Use
by Peter Rosén
October 09. 2014
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