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The following conversations have been posted, but have not yet received any replies.

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I need parametric spline curve entity and parametric spline surface data coming from IGES files Use
by Douglas Wellington Pontes
Friday 00:24
Tips on meshing a relative complex problem Use
by ferney
Saturday 08:57
Warning: this type (Study,objref) already exists, it will be ignored Use
by marshal
November 18. 2015
Is it possible to model an acoustic problem with fluid-structure interaction? Use
by Sofia Zhang
November 05. 2015
Making a plane with variable position Use
by GiuspeCar
November 03. 2015
invalid input mesh: error or warning? Use
by A. Bhattarai
October 24. 2015
Suggestion about input shapes hiding Use
by William Tougeron
October 23. 2015
impossible to start a simulation with salome 2015.2 Use
by amka
October 22. 2015
I cant save my .hdf Work please HelpĀ” Use
by Luis Felipe Rojas Avila
October 17. 2015
Creating separate volume domains in salome Use
by Naveen Hariprasad
October 16. 2015
switching between the "modules" with python command Use
by teobo
October 06. 2015
oversized paravis-viewer (in gui at startup) Use
by teobo
October 04. 2015
Re: Hexaedric mesh being shown as tetraedric Use
by SilvaBR
September 22. 2015
IsInCurrentView? Use
by teobo
September 12. 2015
Control the y+ values Use
by samira
September 12. 2015
How to use scipy in Salome? Use
by MZX
August 31. 2015
Viscous Layers on Tightly Packed Spheres Use
by Nicholas Jones
August 19. 2015
Meshing spheres in a tube Use
by Nicholas Jones
August 14. 2015
[7.6.0] Saving .hdf with vanilla Salome under windows still results in "Can't save file.." Use
by Suslik
August 10. 2015
Call Salome Port For Use Use
by Brahm Powell
August 10. 2015
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