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problems generating geometry

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  • problems generating geometry

    Posted by Tobias Rumpf at January 26. 2007

    I just started using Salome Geometry and still have some difficulties. Maybe someone can solve one of the following problems:

    1) Can I build an all solid Block from any 2D-Geometry not using the standard block shapes?

    2) Is there a way to get a perpendicular line to a already existing line, which is not oriented in one of the axis directions?

    3) How can I use the local coordinate System? Can I use it for generating new shapes only reffering to the local CS (e.g. a new point with coordinates in the local CS)?

    Thanks for your help

    • Re: problems generating geometry

      Posted by Grigory Zhivotovsky at January 29. 2007

      1) Use  New entity – Generation  - Extrusion to build prism using arbitrary plane face and vector

      2) There is no single command to build perpendicular line to  already existing line.


      But you can do it in several steps for your specific case:


      1. You can build line perpendicular to existing one using Operation -  Transformation - Rotation of this line on angle 90 degrees relative to axes perpendicular to plane in which both initial line and perpendicular are located and passing through desirable point


      2. You can use TUI command MakeLine(thePnt, theDir) to create a line, passing through the given point and parallel to the given direction (line) or simply translate your line (Operation -  Transformation – Translation) in desirable position and then rotate obtained line (see 1)

      3) Look to help on "Operation -  Transformation – Modify the location" to see one of examples how you can use the local coordinate System

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