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    Posted by Dupront at February 07. 2007

    I can run the script (in MED_install/bin/salome) with the python interpreter lauched with runSession.
    It works fine.

    When I try to use the python interpreter from the Desktop, it stops when checking the
    families at line:      print "  -Name:",familyName
    and give me back the python prompt.

    I am not smart enough to understand why !
    If somebody could help me ?

    • Re: Probleme with

      Posted by Grigory Zhivotovsky at February 08. 2007

      Hello, Michel
      I have no problem with the script in my Salome version.


      I  launch script in such way:


      1. Start Salome         runSalome –g


      2. in terminal start script       execfile(“…MED_install/bin/Salome/”;)

      Script finishes without errors




      • Re: Probleme with

        Posted by Dupront at February 08. 2007
        That is not good for me.
        It seems that the method getName() returns bad characters in the variable familyName.
        If I filter familyName, keeping only ascii characters, it works fine.

        I am new to programming (python, C++, idl, ...) and also to CAO. Help is very important for me.
        Thank you very much Grigory !
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