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  • faces imprinting

    Posted by walter steffe at March 06. 2007


    I have tried to use the glue faces command and I have seen that it works only when the shared faces are equal (same geometry).

    I would like to perform a similar operation also when the two faces share a common part but are not equal. I suppose that in this case there is the need to split each face in the common part and the other part (this kind of operation is also named as an imprinting).

    Is it there a command to do that ?


    Thanks for your help


    • Re: faces imprinting

      Posted by Christophe Bourcier at March 06. 2007

      You can try to use a partition with the following parameters:
      - objects: the two solids sharing common faces
      - tools: none.

      The shared faces will be put only once in the resulting compound.

      • Re: faces imprinting

        Posted by walter steffe at March 06. 2007

        thanks Cristophe. It works very well.

        In fact I got an object named partition with all the faces/subfaces and only a copy of the common part.

        I have another question related to the selection of the faces in the viewer window.

        After having made the partition object I was able to perform the selection of ts faces. Then I have selected an other object and when I came back to the partition this selection mode was not more available. I could pick the faces in the object browser but not in the viewer. When there are a lot of faces it is difficoult to find out a face in the browser list and it is much better to pick it directly in the geom viewer.

        I would like to know how to activate this selection mode.

        Is it there also some option to filter the object picked by the mouse selection (face/edges/points ...)




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