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  • Module creation

    Posted by Dupront at April 13. 2007

    Following the CALCULATOR documentation, I created a new module (CODE)
    from the module PYHELLO, doing:
    renameSalomeModule PYHELLO CODE CODE _SRC
    I compiled the module, everything was fine.
    Then I ran it, with the hope that it would work as PYHELLO did,
    but I got the following message:
    Warning: CODE not found in resources.
    Module will not be available
    Warning: modules list is empty

    If somebody could be kind enough to tell me why I got this message, I would
    be very happy.
    Thanks a lot in advance
    • Re: Module creation

      Posted by Dupront at April 13. 2007
      I also got the following message :
      th. 3052091104 - Trace ../../../KERNEL_SRC_3.2.2/src/ResourcesManager/SALOME_ResourcesCatalog_Handler.cxx [48] : SALOME_ResourcesCatalog_Handler creation
      th. 3052091104 - Trace ../../../KERNEL_SRC_3.2.2/src/ResourcesManager/SALOME_ResourcesCatalog_Handler.cxx [308] :  ------------- fatal error !
      th. 3052091104 - Trace ../../../KERNEL_SRC_3.2.2/src/ResourcesManager/SALOME_ResourcesCatalog_Handler.cxx [313] : parser error: fatal parsing error: unexpected end of file in line 1, column 1
      • Re: Module creation

        Posted by Dan Popov at March 18. 2008
        Hi Michael,

        unfortunately I can't help you but I myself have a question regarding additional modules:
        Is there any tutorial/howto about the build process?
        I managed to compile & install the LIGHT-module example, but what if I want to extend it:
        For example, I tried to #include which was not found then.
        Surely one has to specify the new dependency somewhere...
        but it is hard to see how this can be done. Maybe there exists any doku?

        Thanks for hints & best regards

        • Re: Module creation

          Posted by Dan Popov at March 18. 2008

          I just figured it out (by hangling through the examples in other modules, indeed I am not fully aware
          of what I've done ;-( ).To use the SMESH-Datastructures within the LIGHT-Module I changed the following
          in the LIGHT-Module source direcotry:

          1) in LIGHT_SRC/build_configure:
          Added a test if $(SMESH_ROOT_DIR) is set, as it is done for $(GUI_ROOT_DIR)

          2) in LIGHT_SRC/
          added CHECK_SMESH macro, as it is done for the GUI for example

          3) in LIGHT_SRC/adm_local/unix/
          *** added SMESH_ROOT_DIR=@SMESH_ROOT_DIR@, the same for LDFLAGS and CXXFLAGS (as it is done for the GUI)
          *** added LDFLAGS+=$(SMESH_LDFLAGS), CPPFLAGS+=-I$(SMESH_ROOT_DIR)/include/salome
          *** added ACLOCAL_SMESH = check_SMESH.m4
          *** added $(topsrc_dir)/aclocal.m4: ...
               and cd $(topsrcdir); aclocal...
               as it is done for GUI.

          Of course, the the build process as specified in the LIGHT-Module's README has again to be
          executed. Maybe one does not need all the stuff but I am not familiar with Salome's build system
          In any case the SMDS_Mesh.hxx is now found in the includes.

          Regards, Dan
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