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Postprocessing Error (MED-File error)

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  • Postprocessing Error (MED-File error)

    Posted by Markus H at May 24. 2007

    I use Code-Aster (STA9.0) to simulate plastic deformations during an impact. Salome has already been used as Preprocessor.
    During the import of the postprocessing med-file (created by Code-Aster) the message "Error in the file" appears.

    Console Output:
    th. 3019372224 - Trace /dn22/SALOME/series3x/VISU/DebianSarge/VISU_SRC/src/VISU_
    I/ [1195] : Follow exception was occured :
    .cxx[108]::MED::CrWrapper - theFileName = '/hom...

    In case of a linear-elastic simulation this error does not appear.

    Thanks for help in advance
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