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Mesh with tris/quads

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  • Mesh with tris/quads

    Posted by Andreas G at May 31. 2007

    I'm working on a python-script and therefore I want to mesh the generated faces (different number of edges [five,four,three])
    with as many quadrangles as possible. Now my questions:
    1.) Can Salome automatically generate a mesh with qudrangles (for quads) and triangles (for tris)?
    2.) How can I combine two edges from a polygon, so that I get a quad-element?



    • Re: Mesh with tris/quads

      Posted by Grigory Zhivotovsky at June 01. 2007

      Hi, Andi
      Salome can automatically generate a mesh with quadrangles mostly
      1.) for quads –use 2D Algorithm Quadrangle_Mapping and 2D Hypothesis Quadrangle_Preference


      2.) for triangles use  2D Algorithm NETGEN1D-2D, in 2DHypothesis NETGEN_2D_Parameters use SetQuadAllowed( 1 )
      3.) to combine two edges from a polygon use 1D Algorithm  Composite_side_discretisation together with 2D Algorithm Quadrangle_Mapping

      • Re: Mesh with tris/quads

        Posted by Andreas G at June 04. 2007
        Hi again,

        thanks Grigory for your answer. I know, that there are differnet Algorithms for quads and triangles. The problem is, that I have
        one geometry, where I have quad elements and polygons. So now I tried in the Gometry tool of Salome to group the polygons and then I tried to make a mesh with this group as you discribe in your last post (3). This didn't work. There was a error: Mesh
        computation failes and "Unexpected geometry. Face must have 4 sides but not 5."

        The other question is: Can Salome generate a mesh with quads and tris at one geometry at the same time, or do I have to make group of quads and groups of tris and mesh them seperately?
        Do you have a e-mail adress, so that I can send you my .hdf file for better understanding.


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