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Cannot start Salome anymore

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  • Cannot start Salome anymore

    Posted by Paul Chang at June 12. 2007
    Dear Salomers, I am using CAELinux liveDVD to explore Salome + Code-Aster. The first time when I started Salome, everything seems working right. However, a couple of days later, when I come back to the liveDVD, I cannot start Salome anymore. The following message is what I got when I tried to start Salome from a terminal. Could anyone out there give me a hand? Thanks a lot in advance! --------------------------------------------- Error message start Salome from terminal: --------------------------------------------- Searching for a free port for naming service: 2810 2811 - Ok Configure parser: processing /opt/salome/GUI_3.2.2/share/salome/resources/gui/SalomeApp.xml ... Configure parser: Warning : could not find user configuration file GEOM OCAF Resources GEOM Shape Healing Resources startSalome {u'portkill': 0, 'pyscript': [], u'file': 0, u'embedded': [u'SalomeAppEngine', u'study', u'cppContainer', u'registry', u'moduleCatalog'], u'killall': 0, 'appname': 'SalomeApp', u'modules': [u'GEOM', u'SMESH', u'VISU', u'SUPERV', u'MED', u'COMPONENT', u'PYCALCULATOR'], u'gui': 1, u'xterm': 0, u'interp': 0, u'pyModules': u'', 'port': 2811, u'splash': 1, u'SMESH_plugins': [u'NETGENPlugin', u'GHS3DPlugin'], u'key': [u'no'], 'plugins': [], 'containers': [], u'logger': 0, u'noexcepthandler': 0, u'standalone': [u'pyContainer', u'supervContainer', 'superv']} Lancement du Naming Service > /tmp/logs/guest/salomeNS.log 2>&1 Searching Naming Service ++++++++++Failed to narrow the root naming context Traceback (most recent call last): File "/opt/salome/KERNEL_3.2.2/bin/salome/", line 780, in useSalome clt = startSalome(args, modules_list, modules_root_dir) File "/opt/salome/KERNEL_3.2.2/bin/salome/", line 606, in startSalome clt=orbmodule.client() File "/opt/salome/KERNEL_3.2.2/bin/salome/", line 60, in __init__ self.initNS() File "/opt/salome/KERNEL_3.2.2/bin/salome/", line 93, in initNS sys.exit(1) SystemExit: 1 --- erreur au lancement Salome --- Saving of the dictionary of Salome processes in /home/guest/guest_zhang_2811_SALOME_pidict To kill SALOME processes from a console (kill all sessions from all ports): python To kill SALOME from the present interpreter, if it is not closed : killLocalPort() --> kill this session (use CORBA port from args of runSalome) givenPortKill(port) --> kill a specific session with given CORBA port killAllPorts() --> kill all sessions runSalome, with --killall option, starts with killing the processes resulting from the previous execution.
    • Re: Cannot start Salome anymore

      Posted by Kwun Ho Ngan at June 13. 2007
      check your hostname in your /etc/hosts/

      I suggest you search for my post under Install/Build where there are people facing similar problem.
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