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Shape Driver failed

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  • Shape Driver failed

    Posted by Kwun Ho Ngan at July 31. 2007

        I am trying to test creating a pipe by drawing arcs on one side and a full circle on the other end.

        While I have created the respective arcs (i.e. Top Arc & Bottom Arc) and circle. I have even created a wire to connect the two 'circles'.

        Now I want to create a single entity (wire) with the above inputs (Arcs, Circle and the line). This is so to move to the next step to create a face (Wall of pipe). Apparently, I have the 'shape driver failed' error. Any idea how to resolve? What did I do wrongly? Please advice.

        I need one side to be built with arc since I have some other items prior to the pipe entrance.

    • Re: Shape Driver failed

      Posted by Grigory Zhivotovsky at August 01. 2007
      Hi, Kwun
         You can obtain your shape in much easier way:


      1. Create Cylinder
      2. Explode Cylinder into shell (or face if you need only side face)
      3.  Repair – Add point on edge in desirable position
      Best Regards,
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