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  • General tet mesh help

    Posted by Jason Hoogland at September 02. 2007
    I have created a non-trivial geometry using python scripting in 3.2.6, which has been a delight.  The documentation on the TUI is adequate given that you can also peek directly into the module python packages themselves.  Its _such_ a shame that there is no FOSS 3d cad modeller and drafting package based on OpenCascade, Salome gives a glimpse of what it would be like.

    I've found it harder to get my head around doing simple things with the mesh module, even though it seems like there is some underlying power.  The documentation here is, IMHO, not quite as helpful.  Perhaps more example-based documentation would be good.

    Creating the same mesh in Gambit, I created sizing functions (with startsize, endsize, growthrate) that applied from specific objects, such as edges and faces.  Realising that there are probably a few ways to do it, what are the specific steps needed to recreate this in Salome?  I have used NETGEN 1D-2D-3D with an upper size limit of 0.01 to automatically create a mesh, but I need more control. 

    Q. How do you create hypotheses to cluster around specific faces? (for boundary layer purposes)
    Q. Can you apply such hypotheses to a group rather than just specific objects? (having created some surface groups, e.g. Walls, symmetryWalls)

    If these questions are too basic, by all means please point me to existing documentation.  I have scoured the web for all the tutorials I can find (e.g. CAELinux, etc)

    :) hoogs
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