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[GEOM] tolerance on coordinates ?

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  • [GEOM] tolerance on coordinates ?

    Posted by bereux at September 18. 2007

    I need to create in the GEOM module a point with coordinates (in mm) :
    X = 810
    Y = 337.5
    Z = 405
    When I enter these coordinates in the New Entity -> Basic -> Point menu, the Y coordinate is truncated to 338 mm
    What is the reason for this behaviour ?
    Is there a way to avoid it ?
    Thanks in advance for your help,

    • Re: [GEOM] tolerance on coordinates ?

      Posted by Grigory Zhivotovsky at September 19. 2007

      Hello, François
      This is a feature of dialog box in GUI to round number cutting figures after comma. In fact all inputted figures are saved. You can check it using dump study:


      Vertex_1 = geompy.MakeVertex(810, 337.5, 405).


      Or create one more point with coordinates (in mm):
      X = 810
      Y = 337.56
      Z = 405
      And then build a vector on these 2 points. You will see that they don’t coincide.


      Vertex_2 = geompy.MakeVertex(810, 337.56, 405)


      Vector_1 = geompy.MakeVector(Vertex_1, Vertex_2)


      geompy.addToStudy( Vertex_1, "Vertex_1" )


      geompy.addToStudy( Vertex_2, "Vertex_2" )


      geompy.addToStudy( Vector_1, "Vector_1" )


      Best Regards,



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