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Support for quadratic finte elements

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  • Support for quadratic finte elements

    Posted by Joël Cugnoni at August 31. 2005
    First of all, thank you for the impressive amount of work that you all devoted to the development of Salomé.
    I am sure that this software will become a very interesting alternative to some other commercial FE platforms in the future.

    I am currently testing the joint capabilites of Salomé 2.2.2 & Code_Aster v8 and I found several problems:
    1) the MESH module with TETGEN algorithm cannot produce quadratic tetrahedral finite element meshes, which are much more recommended for mechanical stress analysis. Hopefully Code_Aster has a special command to convert from linear to quadratic finite elements, but when I try to POST-PRO from a MED file generated by Code_Aster with quadratic elements, I get just points and no surface map...
    2) For linear mesh, the common use of Aster and Salomé is much easier, but in the my version of Salomé, when I try to visualize tensorial results from a MED file (SIEF_ELNO_ELGA stresses for example), I can only select 3 components (instead of 6) in Scalar map presentation and the results seems weird. The only way to show correct tensorial datais to export scalar fields for each components of the tensors, which is rather long to define.

    I would like to know if these issues are/will be solved in the current/future versions of Salomé, as I think these are strong limitations for mechanical analysis.

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