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meshing for fluid-structure interaction

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  • meshing for fluid-structure interaction

    Posted by Luc Bordier at November 11. 2005

    I would like to know if it is possible to have exactly superposed meshings with salome.

    Indeed for fluid structure interaction computing with code_aster we need the 3D fluid mesh, the structure mesh and the interface mesh. Mesh for interface and structure (in contact with fluid) must be the same but with different element numbers to apply the two differents modelisations.

    I succeed to do it with gmsh but i would rather like doing it with salome because mesh is better and many other possibilities

    I tried doing it in salome with superposed geometrical shapes but didn't succeed to have the good mesh.

    Any suggestions or experiences ??

    • Re: meshing for fluid-structure interaction

      Posted by Christophe Bourcier at November 14. 2005

      I think you can get this result by having the two same faces on the interface. To get this, you have to superpose your 2 geometric shapes using "New Entity> Build> Compound", instead of "Fuse two shapes". Thus, your mesh will have the elements on the interface twice.

      • Re: meshing for fluid-structure interaction

        Posted by Luc Bordier at November 14. 2005

        Thanks for your answer.

        In fact I 've tried this method but for some shapes (for exemple on two superposed plates) the two meshes were not the same !!

        The plates were exactly the same and the same mesh parameters were applied for both plates.

        I used the "merge nodes" option in order to have the two meshes to match but some nodes were two far the one to another to be merged.

        Is it normal to have two different meshes for exactly the same plate ?

        (I made the pate with the block option)





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