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    Posted by Marc Collin at November 27. 2005
    hi i do a survey on open software i would like to know if salome is similar to solidworks... what salome can't do that solidwork do... thanks
    • Re: solidworks users...

      Posted by Yves Fricaud at December 09. 2005
      >Hi<br >
      Module Geometry of SALOME gives a set a basic functions to correct, simplify and generate Shapes. This set of functions doesn't cover all the services  of OPEN CASCADE TECHNOLOGY. the main difference with solidworks is that:
      - module Geometry of SALOME is no a parametric modeler .
      - The goal  of the Geometry module is more correction, simplification of imported shape than pure CAD design.
      - Advantage of SALOME: You can use pyhton script to design your model.


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