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Meshing a geometry with local refinement

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  • Meshing a geometry with local refinement

    Posted by Isabel at March 08. 2006
    Hello to everybody!
    When I create my geometry (a cavity with a hole in it, all in 2D), I try to mesh it through Salome editor (algorithms, hypothesis...) but I cannot get anything because the mesh isn't created. Perhaps I have to create a group with the cavity plus hole or something else, I go missing.

    Besides I would like to create a mesh with different sizes of elements (i.e. local coarser or local refined). I don't know whether it is possible to do it through Salome editor (through runSalome window) or I would have to write some kind of file, script or whatever. I have tried to look for some step-by-step manual to do everything from scratch and I have found anything.

    Could you give some help?
    Thanks in advance and best regards
    • Re: Meshing a geometry with local refinement

      Posted by Joël Cugnoni at March 08. 2006

      As I don't clearly understand what is your geometry and how you have created it, I cannot really tell you why you can't get your mesh, but you can find a tutorial on meshing and geometry modelling with Salome at this address:

      In general, I would recommend to always split circles and spheres in several parts with the partition tool in order to help the 3D meshing algorithm (it is even absolutely necessary in the previous release of Salome 2.2).

      Good luck and I hope this will help you.

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