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Submesh on compound piece

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  • Submesh on compound piece

    Posted by Guérout at March 13. 2006

    Hello !

    I work with version 2.2.8.

    I built a compound (an assembly of 8 solids) in the geometrical module.

    Then, I built a mesh with Global hypothesis in the mesh module.

    I tried to create a submesh with local hypothesis on a part of one of the 8 solids. Unfortunatelly, in the "submesh construction" box I cannot select the faces I want to submesh in "Geometrical object"

    Does anyone have an idea about this issue ?

    Thanks for any comment or answer !




    • Re: Submesh on compound piece

      Posted by Joël Cugnoni at March 13. 2006

      in fact, by default Salomé does not allow you to select "sub entities", and you need to extract it manually in the GEOM module.

      The best way to solve your problem is the following:
      - In GEOM module, create a new OCC window (menu Window->New Window->OCC view). The reason is that not all the functions are available in the default VTK view.
      - select your compound and display it (adjust the view)
      - select menu New Entity->Explode and in the dialog "Sub Shape Selection", select your object (compound) and select the type of sub-entity to extract (Face for example). Activate the select sub shape option if you don't want to extract all the faces, but only the one you select with the mouse (hold shift to select multiple objects). Finally validate with OK.
      - Then in the VTK view in MESH module, you will be able to select the faces to define local mesh hypotheses.

      You can have a look at the geometry and meshing tutorial on website for more tips.
      • Re: Submesh on compound piece

        Posted by Guérout at March 14. 2006

        Thanks !

        It works with your recommendations !



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