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export/import groups to UNV in 3.2?

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  • export/import groups to UNV in 3.2?

    Posted by José Santos at August 19. 2006
    Hello I've read in this forum that the ability to export/import groups to UNV would be included in Salome 3.2. However, I am not able to use this new feature. Is it really included? It would be a fine addiction for allowing the conversion to OpenFOAM mesh format. Regards José Santos
    • Re: export/import groups to UNV in 3.2?

      Posted by Igor Nazarov at August 21. 2006

      Salome 3.2.1 allows export/import any group (on nodes, on edges, on faces and on volumes) to/from UNV
      You can try it by the following way :
      1) create new document
      2) import SMESH_mechanic
      3) load Mesh module, display created mesh
      4) Object Browser selection (/Mesh/Mesh_mechanic) popup - Create Group
      5) set "Face" as "Elements Type"
      6) set "faces" as "Name"
      7) select a several faces of the displayed mesh via mouse
      8) "Create Group": Add, Ok
      9) Object Browser selection (/Mesh/Mesh_mechanic) popup - Export to UNV file (save mesh)
      10) Menu File - Import - UNV file
      11) import just saved UNV file and check the restored group

      Remarks: UNV format does not support polygonal elements. So it is not possible to export to UNV format group with such element type.

      Best Regards
      • Re: export/import groups to UNV in 3.2?

        Posted by John Borchardt at February 17. 2007
        Hi I am trying to export just the faces/triangles of a mesh to UNV format from Salome 3.2.2.  I attempted to follow the instructions with regard to creating a mesh group posted previously in this forum.  I believe I have created a group with just the faces OK.  (When I show element numbers with only the group displayed, the numbers for the linear elements are gone.)  However, when I popup on the mesh to export as UNV, it still exports both the triangle elements and the line elements.  (When I re-import the UNV file, elements for both lines and triangles are shown, however, there is now a face group that excludes the line elements.)  The option to export as UNV is not available when I popup on just the group.  When I try to export from the File menu, the software does nothing (does not even issue an error).  Any suggestions short of editing my UNV file by hand?


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