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  • Import from catia

    Posted by simon tyler at August 24. 2006

    Hi all.


    Has anyone tried to import from catia iges into salome 2.2.8?  any model I try has no luck at all!  even stl and stp.

    can anyone help?



    • Re: Import from catia

      Posted by John Smith at March 31. 2008
      Catia V4 and V5 files can be brought into Salome 3.2.6 via the Catia exporter to STEP .stp files.  IGES .igs do not work (iges format does not retain solids information necessary for FEA, at least not the version available from Catia exporters).

      Come Catia model construction techniques may also cause problems for translation & use by Salome.  When working out your analysis process, start with some simple Catia geometry (like a cylinder) and work up to your intended complex design.  Sometimes fillets or blends may cause issues.  Other method is to take your intended complex design and chop it down into sections and try analyzing each "quarter" or "sixteenth" and see what region or feature doesn't either translate, mesh, or analyze (I'm doing this one one part right now).

      I've been using CAELinux 2007 (live-cd installed to HDD) for my analysis work.

    • Re: Import from catia

      Posted by gunawan at May 20. 2010

      Please Help...!!

      Could You help me to mesh my s'tep file, i was imported from solidwork n autocad

      my file is here :

      I was try to mesh but I got the problem like the model is not solid.

      i hope u can help me to mesh my cranhook in step.

      thank's before


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