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  • Netgen hypotesis

    Posted by RobertoA at October 17. 2006
    Hello everybody

    I need to use netgen 1d 2d 3d hypotesys, is it possible to do something to unlok the superior limit of 5 segments per edge / radius?
    Is it possible to use alternative hypotesys in addiction to those ones, without splitting the solid?

    • Re: Netgen hypotesis

      Posted by Grigory Zhivotovsky at October 20. 2006

      Hello, Roberto



      1. Fineness as well as GrowthRate, NbSegPerEdge, NbSegPerRadius for Custom Fineness are relative values. NbSegPerEdge = 3 does not mean that we have 3 elements per edge.  It means that we have very fine division of edges into segments (finer than 2.3)


       2. You can use alternative hypotheses in addition to those one using submesh technique to have different hypotheses for some subshapes of the main shape.



      Best regards,

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