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Mesh 3D elements from a fixed 2D mesh

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  • Mesh 3D elements from a fixed 2D mesh

    Posted by Jonas Björk at October 24. 2006
    Suppose I have an element consisting of two cubes. One of the cube I want to mesh with hexahedron elements and the other cube with tetrahedron elements between the cubes . The face between the two cubes will have nodes that both builds up a structured mesh of quadrates - which I want to build the hexahedron mesh out of - and of split quadrates/triangles - that the tetrahedron mesh will be built by. So I first want to create the surface mesh (which is no problem) and I then want to create the two volume mesh with this surface mesh hold fix as a condition for the two mesh. Is their any way I can do this? I know how to create two different mesh at the same time with local hypotheses but I'm interested in how I can hold one surface fixed and create a mesh out of this. Thank you for any answers on this problem. /Jonas
    • Re: Mesh 3D elements from a fixed 2D mesh

      Posted by Grigory Zhivotovsky at October 25. 2006

      Hello  Jonas,


      The easiest way to solve your problem is to create compound in geometry module and to use submesh technique. Follow scenario  


            in GEOM :
      1. Build Compound combining 2 cubes


       In MESH:
      1.  Create a Mesh (Geometry: " Compound ", Algorithms: "Wire discretisation", "Quadrangle (Mapping)", "Hexahedron(i,j,k)", Hypothesis “Nb.Segments" = 10, “Quadrangle Preferences”


       2. Create a SubMesh (Geometry: " Cube_1”, ", Algorithms: "Wire discretisation",  “Triangle Mefisto”, "Netgen_3D”, Hypothesis “Nb.Segments" = 10, “Length from edges”, “Max. element Volume” = 1000


      3. Compute mesh.



      Best regards,



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