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MESH type and node numbering

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MESH type and node numbering

Posted by tony smith at April 16. 2013

I am now at a stage where, despite being a newbie, I am able to navigate around Salome and experiment by myself. There are some things I will like still like to do with my meshed object that I can't find answers to in help files due to their specific nature that I would  like some help with.

I want the object to be meshed such that the mesh contains multiple rectangles or squares rather than triangles. I also would like the mesh nodes to be numbered in a particular way as below:

1     2     3     4     5

6     7     8     9     10

11     12     13     14     15

Am I able to do this in Salome via configuration of some sort or would I need to write a python script or even change the source code itself?

Currently the nodes are listed randomly on a mesh


Re: MESH type and node numbering

Posted by Saint Michael at April 16. 2013
Hi tony smith
I wrote a script that "renumber" nodes using MergeNodes() command. I hope you can adjust it for your needs.
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