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Problem with spheres and glueing

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Problem with spheres and glueing

Posted by Markus Gruber at March 14. 2013

I want to do a simulation where i have a box and a lot spheres inside, i tried it with salome and python.

First of all the spheres should be inside the block , which means i did several boolean operations(cut) to the block to make free space for the spheres than i did a compound to the intersection and spheres and afterwards i want to do the glue operation to the compound because all spheres inside the block should interact with the block.So the glue operations(glue by faces) gives me : no shapes found, now i don't know what to do . I just read some topic and i found out that there is a vertex problem,but i still don't know how to solve it

The attachment includes a hdf file where i did those operations until the glue operations with a block and one sphere

with best regards



Re: Problem with spheres and glueing

Posted by William Tougeron at March 14. 2013

Hello Markus,

I think what you want to do can be done in one operation using the Partition tool (available in the Operations menu of the Geometry module).

You can put your box and your sphere(s) in the Objects field (and let the Tool field void) and it should do what you want: a Compound in which are the (untouched) sphere(s) and the cube with holes having the exact shape of the sphere(s).

Hope this met your need,

Best regards,


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