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Control of mesh

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Control of mesh

Posted by Malte at August 16. 2012


I'm testing for Salome in order to create CFD-meshes for openFoam.

I believe I understand how to mesh simple geometries such as boxes, spheres, pipes (thanks to the tutorials), but I'm experiencing some problems with the enclosed geometry.


Explained in short the objective is to add a high density, viscous layer to the edges of the D-circle. In order to do so I've made a partition with the solid and the region in which the layer shall be.

My idea is to mesh the partition with tetrahedrons, as with Netgen, and then create a hexahedral submesh of the "half-pipe". 

But when I try to compute the mesh, the dialog returns an error saying "no side node found above node 618".

It would be optimal if both the mesh and the submesh could be hexahedrons, but it isn't necessary.


Am I doing something wrong?


Thanks in advance




.hdf file was too large to enclose:


Re: Control of mesh

Posted by SMESH expert at August 16. 2012

Hello Malte,

it's not so difficult to get your geometry meshed (run the attached script in Python console of SALOME for example) but unfortunately viscous layers can't be built due to several bugs.

These bugs are now fixed but the fix will be available only in the next public version. If you wish I can attach fixed source files so that you could get the fix by re-building SALOME from sources at least. If you need these source files, please specify your SALOME version.

Best regards


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