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Using partition on shells

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  • Using partition on shells

    Posted by James Diaz at March 13. 2008
    Hello all, I am new to code-aster in general, so i completed all the tutorials, but I am hoping a helpful person can show me my faults. I am trying to model a cylindrical shell which undergoes compression and torsion simultaneously. I want to apply the compressions inwards from an edge offset inwards from either end of the shell. I also want to apply the torsion from the same places. I have been using a partition to acquire the circumference edges from where to apply the compression etc. but during linear elasticity I cannot select all the groups (created in GEOM not MESH) that I have created to model linear elasticity correctly. Hopefully I have explained this sufficiently, and hopefully one you guys know where I am faltering, or know the correct way to implement it.
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