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breaking an edge

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  • breaking an edge

    Posted by Manav Bhatia at June 21. 2008
    Hi, I would like to break an edge in a model so that the resulting model has an added vertex at the specified location. In essence, I have the following work flow in mind: given compound -> get edge from two points -> break the edge at a specified location -> resulting compound has the edge broken at the point with an added vertex. From the geompy documentation, I see the method call MakeVertexOnCurve(), but that does not do anything to the original curve, or the compound. I would appreciate any advice regarding the same. Thanks, Manav
    • Re: breaking an edge

      Posted by Alessandro Barracco\ at September 08. 2012

      I don't know if it will work but why don't you try with


      GEOM module > Repair > Add point to edge


      ? :)

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