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Geometry issue

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  • Geometry issue

    Posted by Matthew Bondy at January 09. 2009

    I have been using this great open source package for a few weeks now. I have one small issue that I was able to work around but I am curious whether I am doing something wrong or if there is a bug in my software/hardware.

    I have installed the CAE Linux package which includes Salome. There are a few tutorials included in this package to help introduce the user to this software. One tutorial involves building the geometry for a simple pipe with one entrance and two exits. This involves created a path and extruding a profile over the path. I was unable to use the feature that allows for the creation of this geometry in one step, ie. create the path and profile and then run the tool that creates the feature. I was able to select the profile but the path was not valid.

    Any ideas?


    - Matt Bondy

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