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Mesh refinement in Salome 5

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  • Mesh refinement in Salome 5

    Posted by Christophe Mansoulié at August 08. 2009


    I need to refine a mesh at the edge of a 3D crack. I want to do it automatically using the algorithms, but I have read and experienced that the NetGen algorithms don't take into account the submeshing of edges or vertices (meaning the density is constant until the edge is found and the density suddenly drops with very skewed triangles). I have also read that BLSURF does it quite well, but the resulting meshes cannot be used as a lower-level mesh for 3D structures. Mefisto doesn't seem to work very well for a smooth refinement. The algorithms of GMSH (Delaunay) do it very well, but they are not available in Salome (plugin not released yet after all this time?). Is there a possibility to define seeds (like in Abaqus or in GMSH) using the Submeshes? Because without it, I don't really see the point of the 0D function "mesh around Vertex" which is not a density but only affects the adjacent edges.

    I will have to compare results with Abaqus and hence I thought I would better make the meshes with its mesher (far more powerful by the way). Has anyone already programmed a python routine to export meshes from Abaqus in MED or MSH format or do I need to do it myself?

    Thanks for your help!

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