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Live user modification of actual Geometry

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Live user modification of actual Geometry

Posted by Jaume P at August 24. 2012

Dear Developers and fellow Salome Users,

Let me first introducce my idea, the approach and the use that I have in mind:

The goal that I am heading towards is to create a module, or even a script, that has a complete final-form geometry, which construction variables are modifiable at user's will.

I have already done some trials working with the "Notebook", althought I find that the results are not really encouraging.

Some of the difficulties I have found are:

  • One of the biggest disadvantadges is that the variables are only able to store single values, and I would need a higher degree of dynamism, for example being able to store "Points" or "Arrays of points". Otherwise, the file may contain up to 500+ stored variables in the notebook, which without having a "search" buttom in the "Notebook" modifying the values of the variables would definitely end being a terrific labour.
  • The values entered only affect the model once the "Update" buttom is pressed, which means that the user really has no visual guidance on the magnitude of the input in the geometry. In the task I want to carry, the user should be able to steady modify the geometry seeing live the changes and this should be made in a more or less efficient way, which means, that the user really has to be able to see how the changes impact the design.
  •  The order in which the variables are entered in the data-base is important, which means that once the user modifies a single variable of a part of the geometry, all the neighbouring variables that also play a role in this object (for instance a spline) should also be uptaded even if their values remain constant, just because altering a variable also changes the relative position in the tree structure.
  • Every time the "Update" buttom in the "Notebook" is hitted, the whole server reload, as a result, the Salome starts anew, and the modules, that may be already loaded, should be opened again. If I was in the Geom module and I updated the model the whole project reloads, that is a quite stiffed way of modifying any of the variables on the "Notebook".

Some of the ideas that we have come across are:

  •  Develop a module or even a script that contains all the steps and the variables to properly construct the solid. In this module all the variables that are used to define the geometry are stored in the "Notebook".
  • Manage to create a pop-up window, which may contain a frame and some sort of list where the user can choose the variable he wants to modify, taking in account that those variables are now -well defined-, which means that the original 1D variables are now expessed under more complex data types (for example, two old variables are now part of a point variable), and a slider control or some other sort of "percentage bar" which modifies the selected variable in a more consistent way. Finally, an update buttom to bring it up to the project.


The questions I bring are:

  • Is this all feasable under the Salome frame?
  • Have this issue already been discussed or have any other similar ideas been developed?
  • Is it possible that the main feature, Live modification of the variables, is totally unreachable with Salome software?

Thank you very much for your patience, any help will be much appreciated.

Best Regards

Jaume P.





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