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Pdf3D Export

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Pdf3D Export

Posted by Cacciatorino at May 04. 2010

I have started to generate pdf-3d files from my cad application, and I find it very useful to send models to customers that don't have any cad application.


Here some samples of pdf-3d (U3D) files:


I think it could be a good enhancement for the postprocessor of Salome, to generate nicer reports.

Re: Pdf3D Export

Posted by DragosC at August 08. 2010

In principle should not be a problem to capture the 3D content but you will need to use the windows version because Acrobat 3D works only on Windows. From what I know SALOME uses OpenGL, so all you need is a good graphics card and of course Acrobat 3D.

I am not quite sure I understand what do you mean by nicer reports.

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